From paddock to plate, with food security squarely on the national and international agenda, water used in the production process has become increasingly more important. 

Whether you are a grower, processor, distributor or part of the hospitality industry, a reliable source of food grade water is vital. Not only to protect the integrity of your product but also to ensure your expensive investment in equipment is protected from the degradation caused by scale build up. 

Given the high volume of water required, we are aware that “closed loop” systems are becoming a preferred standard to manage water costs, EPA legislation and consumer perception of product quality. 

Continental Water Systems offer end-to-end water solutions and post care service to keep your business running at optimum efficiencies. 

From on farm processing to large scale bottling and production facilities to service and hospitality providers, we deliver solutions covering pre-treatment, filtration and purification, storage and recycling, ozone treatment of your produce and ice machines, ensuring you and your customers safety, security and peace of mind.